Press Secretary Denies There’s Going To Be An Executive Order Regarding LGBT Rights

Christine Rousselle,

Earlier on Monday, there were rumors swirling that President Donald Trump was going to issue an executive order regarding LGBT rights.

The executive order was reportedly going to concern adoption or benefits for federal employees. It was reportedly “pretty bad.”


I’m told reliably there is a draft Executive order on LGBT issues including adoption. Details and timing unclear.


Heard from two jouralists who have seen a leaked draft of an anti-LGBT executive order that is apparently pretty bad :(

However, this may end up just being rumors and nothing more. NBC News’ Mary Emily O’Hara tweeted that White House Deputy Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said that there are no plans at the time to issue an executive order.


BREAKING: White House Deputy Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham tells me an executive order on LGBT policy “isn’t the plan at this time.”