Psychopathic Zionism – Itchy Finger on a Deadly Hair-trigger

netnuts23-640x479 Psychopathic Zionism – Itchy Finger on a Deadly Hair-trigger

Zen Gardner

The whole world is seeing more clearly by the day the reality of what’s unfolding. Those who felt they had a semblance of say so with their governments are finally realizing it’s really in effect non-existent. People can put up a stink and they’ll get some lip service but it won’t change the course of things.

Not the big stuff the rulers have in mind and have planned for so long and have been executing incrementally.  

Don’t get me wrong. It matters big time to speak up, get active, and sound the alarm. That’s where the true power really is, in the awakening. That’s what’s changing what really matters. But the chess game between these completely ruthless psychopathic power freaks will continue come what may.

That’s the reality we’re currently up against.

But one does not mutually exclude the other. We’re living in parallel words. The wake up rolls on, while their dark, destructive mechanisms expire in flames. The problem lies in the fact that they have their fingers on the trigger. A very big one that would could easily start a chain reaction towards a major conflagration.

And it would just take one incident – the incident that will be heard around the world – just as they started other major wars after jacking up the various powers they want to engage in battle. All designed to bring “out of chaos” their One World Reorganization.

The Insanity Gambit

We’re now hearing that Nuttinyahoo is threatening to go after Iran if the Zionist’s US bitches don’t pound and destroy Syria. Anyone disturbed by this?

Now Netanyahu is reassuring [Israel] they can manage without uncertain U.S. protection against Iran…

“Israel’s citizens know well that we are prepared for any possible scenario,” the hawkish prime minister said. “And Israel’s citizens should also know that our enemies have very good reasons not to test our power and not to test our might.”

That may not reassure a U.S. administration which has tried to steer Netanyahu away from unilateral action against Iran that could stir yet more chaos in the already explosive Middle East.

Israel’s state-run Army Radio was more explicit“If Obama is hesitating on the matter of Syria,” it said, “Then clearly on the question of attacking Iran, a move that is expected to be far more complicated, Obama will hesitate much more – and thus the chances Israel will have to act alone have increased.” [Emphasis mine]

Israelis contrast the “red line” Netanyahu has set for how close Iran may come to nuclear weapons capability before Israel strikes with Obama’s “red line” on Assad’s use of chemical weapons – seemingly passed without U.S. military action so far.  Source

emanuel_obama2 Psychopathic Zionism – Itchy Finger on a Deadly Hair-trigger

 Dual citizen son of a terrorist Zio plant at work – Obama is the “all ears” dutiful executor.

The Zionist Wild Card – Hyped Up Insanity Jumping the Proverbial Gun

This is where it gets dangerous. With the powder packed so tightly into the keg of the US war machine and dozens of potential false flag fuses to light it up, the importance of public opinion, no matter how significant, starts to wane. Not only do the pounding war drums dull and drown out the senses, but the insane element takes front and center when someones sets off the conflagration anyway.

At that point the dam breaks and we all pay the price. In the words of Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife, before she dies in 1849 she nonchalantly says:

“If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”

Nasty to think that would be the case. But it’s true.

AIPAC1 Psychopathic Zionism – Itchy Finger on a Deadly Hair-trigger

The Psychopathy of Overwhelming Intimidation – A Zionist Specialty

The multifaceted attack gets even more intensely intimidating. If you’re reading this you’re also familiar with the Israeli AIPAC lobbying group and its muscle in US power circles and the Zionist infiltration of US government as well as other western powers. US leaders suck up to these intimidating, money mongering, self serving monsters – whose racist parasitic entity the US funds at the rate of 8.5 million dollars a day while the Americans at home starve and lose their homes.

“The powerful pro-Israel lobby AIPAC is planning to launch a major lobbying campaign to push wayward lawmakers to back the resolution authorizing U.S. strikes against Syria, sources said Thursday.

Officials say that some 250 Jewish leaders and AIPAC activists will storm the halls on Capitol Hill beginning next week to persuade lawmakers that Congress must adopt the resolution or risk emboldening Iran’s efforts to build a nuclear weapon. They are expected to lobby virtually every member of Congress, arguing that “barbarism” by the Assad regime cannot be tolerated, and that failing to act would “send a message” to Tehran that the U.S. won’t stand up to hostile countries’ efforts to develop weapons of mass destruction, according to a source with the group.”


Why no outrage? Not when it’s illegal to say anything perceived as “anti-Jewish” with all the bogus holocaust and Zionist programming. Pretty clever. It’s been a decades long project with a lot of American help so it’s no wonder it works on the unsuspecting, non-critically thinking mass brainwashed.

Snakes in the Wood Pile

In most countries, the serious job of government responsibility consists of citizens of its own, not those of dual nationality with clearly infected motives. Never mind the amount of people with Israeli sympathies or financial interests at heart, top layers of the US government are rife with dual nationality US/Israelis which you can easily confirm.

Conflict of interest? Not when Americans have been brainwashed to think we’re the great protectorate of the “poor, persecuted, exempted people of the book” propaganda. If you want an ultimate reason for war, conflict, rabid nationalism, and an unnatural willingness to lose your personal freedoms for such goals, mixing religion thickly into the batter is the way to go.

It’s historically the most effective. That and a thick sprinkling of false flag operations.

zionism-anti-semitism12 Psychopathic Zionism – Itchy Finger on a Deadly Hair-trigger

If you want to know who has pioneered, used and instigated the most incidences of this nefarious technique of misrepresentation and false provocation, look no further. It’s again the Zionists. In fact, this same unwanted brutish Khazarian tribe that spouts this self-supporting, racist, elitist belief, have absolutely nothing to do with ancient Israel. Nor anything semitic or so called “godly” being the barbarians that they are. It’s all a cover, and they were kicked around the planet for ages because of their nefarious, self serving, conniving and murderous ways.

They rightly earned the ire they’d garnered. As now. But being the extremely vocal and nasty bunch that they are they’ve pushed, prodded, complained, stole, murdered and lied their way into prominence in the power structure once again. Their foothold grew back like a nasty cancer in the last 200 years with the rise of the Rothschild dynasty – as in “die, nasty.”

Home at last. And if you want to know what it would look like in a world fully run by these subhuman psychopaths just look at what they’ve done to defenseless Palestine.

twochoices1 Psychopathic Zionism – Itchy Finger on a Deadly Hair-trigger

The Beginning – All Roads Lead to the Awakening

It’s very important to understand the true dynamics of what we’re up against. No, it’s not logical in our world and no, it’s not with the “consent of the governed.” Most things never have been. It’s been an illusory “throw them a bone” false sense of governance by fascist rulers all along. It’s not pleasant to point things like this out but they are defining the very world we live in. And for millions it will mean life or death.

Brave souls have spoken up and rallied the conscious but they has been few and far between up until now. But this time will be different.

We who are awakening are many.

To fully understand what is transpiring in front of our eyes takes an awakening that will rock your world, change the direction of your life, and transcend everything you’ve ever been taught or told.

It takes guts to do that, and a willingness to change. With reckless abandon.

Without it you won’t get the big picture, nor the happy ending.

Here’s to conscious awareness.

Let it be yours.

Love, Zen

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