Public School’s Awesome Field Trip A Rare Win For Conservatives

 Too often, conservatives are confronted with the fact that their views are openly rejected by public school administrators. Specifically, even the faintest sign of support for the Second Amendment can earn a student severe punishment.

Once in a while, though, a school gets it right by realizing that such policies are not only unfair in the short term but fail to adequately prepare the next generation for life after school.

One such school is Craver Middle School in Pueblo County, Colo. A group of students from that school recently took a field trip that would be unheard of on most campuses. They traveled to a community shooting range and learned about firearm safety from professionals at the facility.

guncontrol_small11 Public School's Awesome Field Trip A Rare Win For Conservatives

By actually handling and firing the weapons under controlled circumstances, the school contends this educational outing is a vital part of equipping future gun owners.

“Often firearms and schools don’t mix,” said one school source, stating what has become all too obvious in recent years. “There’s a big fear there. So we are pushing the safety aspect and hopefully ease some people’s fears.”

The destination, Appleseed, focuses not only on the safe use of firearms but also the historical impact guns have had on this nation. Representative Elizabeth Blackwood called the field trip a “very big deal,” explaining this was a rare opportunity to teach kids an important lesson.

Jonah Statezny, one of the students fortunate enough to take part in the outing, explained that this is an exciting conclusion to a lesson about the Revolutionary War.

“I think everyone should learn how to use a gun,” he said, “but learn how to use it properly, and the precautions you’re supposed to take and how serious a gun really is.”

Another student recalled trips she took to the shooting range when she was younger.

“I think they should learn and it’s actually pretty good advice,” she said of the unique trip.

The event, conducted with permission of local law enforcement and the parents of all student involved, was by all accounts a success. Of course, there is no indication this example of sanity will be replicated in other districts across the nation; however, given the current state of public education, any sign of Second Amendment support is cause for celebration.

–B. Christopher Agee