Rep. Peter King: Intel Community May Be Carrying Out ‘Disinformation Campaign’ to ‘Discredit’ Trump

Amanda Prestigiacomo,

On Wednesday night, New York Congressman Peter King appeared on Fox News’ The Kelly File to discuss the alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election via hacking.

King was not convinced, to say the least, that the motive of the hacking was to get Donald Trump elected, as it has been suggested, explaining that there has been “no conclusion” as to motive.  The Congressman went as far to suggest that someone in the intel community may be advancing a “misinformation campaign” to “discredit” President-elect Trump. King told Fox host Megyn Kelly that an intel briefing for members of Congress on the Russian hacking was canceled, which apparently piqued his suspicion. 

“As far as I know there is no decision by the CIA there is no consensus or opinion, yet we find it in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and yet the House Committee on Intelligence was told nothing on this,” he told Kelly.

“This violates all protocols and it’s almost as if people in the intelligence community are carrying out a disinformation campaign against the President-elect of the United States. It’s absolutely disgraceful,” King continued. 

“I don’t think there is any conclusion that the hacking was meant to undermine Hillary Clinton,” emphasized the New York rep. “I see it as some kind of disinformation to discredit the incoming president-elect.”

King praised the intel community as a whole, and said that if it’s not someone from the intel community, then maybe it’s members of Congress. “There should be a full investigation on this,” he asserted.

King noted that the first time he heard of the supposed motive behind the hacking was via the public.

repking_small Rep. Peter King: Intel Community May Be Carrying Out ‘Disinformation Campaign’ to 'Discredit' Trump Corruption

On Thursday, King doubled-down on his suggestion:

“To me what happened has been disgraceful,” he said, according to The Huffington Post. “Whatever conclusion they want to come up with is one thing. There is no CIA conclusion. The CIA has repeatedly told us that they have no idea what the intent was. If there is an intent, it’s to disrupt the election, create confusion and cast a cloud over the winner.”