Report: Federal bulletin warns of anarchist violence during RNC


fences-for-rnc-300x224 Report: Federal bulletin warns of anarchist violence during RNC  Tampa Bay Online Violent anarchist protesters could use improvised explosive devices and attempt to close area bridges during the Republican National Convention, according to a federal bulletin obtained by CNN.

The network said the document, prepared by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security, addressed law enforcement concerns about anarchists during the convention. The agencies routinely issue such security bulletins in advance of major events.
CNN quoted the bulletin as saying that the FBI had intelligence in March about a plan by individuals from New York to close Bay area bridges outside the downtown security zone set up for the RNC, which is slated to begin Monday at the Forum.

The bulletin also warned against similar violence at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., next month.

Before the 2008 RNC in Minnesota, anarchists discussed blocking bridges and sky walks, taking over a radio station, targeting corporations, and identifying police stations and delegation hotels, CNN reported.

The alert, according to CNN, said the “FBI and DHS assess with high confidence anarchist extremists will target similar infrastructure in Tampa and Charlotte, with potentially significant impacts on public safety and transportation.