Republicans Top Democrats on Patriotism 

Brendan Kirby,

They mock Trump, but Democrats have strange way of expressing belief that America is already great.

Democrats routinely mock Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” arguing the nation already is great. But Democrats have some funny ways of expressing that supposed belief.

A Gallup poll released Friday on the eve of America’s birthday indicates that only 45 percent of Democrats — compared with 68 percent of Republicans — are “extremely proud” to be American. The Democratic percentage is down 20 points since 2003 and 8 points below the pre-9/11 mark in 2001. The Republican percentage is up 4 points since 2001.

The percentage of Democrats who are “extremely proud” to be American is down 20 points since 2003 and 8 points below the pre-9/11 mark in 2001. The Republican percentage is up 4 points since 2001.

Among self-described liberals, the patriotism numbers are even worse: Just 36 percent profess themselves proud to be American. Cynical millennials, who overwhelmingly lean Democrat, come in even lower at 34 percent.

Who is it again that thinks America is already great?

patriotismpolitics_small Republicans Top Democrats on Patriotism 

Oh, that’s right, Hillary Clinton. The presumptive Democratic nominee has repeatedly hit Trump for his campaign vow. After winning the Democratic primary in South Carolina in February, she said: “Despite what you hear, we don’t need to make America great again. America has never stopped being great.”

Of course, Clinton felt differently in 2007, the first time she ran for president. In the publication Foreign Affairs, she talked of the need to “regain our authority” in the world.

“If we can live up to that idea, if we can exercise our power wisely and well, we can make America great again,” she wrote.

This week, Clinton surrogate Elizabeth Warren mocked Trump’s “goofy” hats with the “Make America Great Again” slogan. But then the Democratic senator from Massachusetts undercut the argument of America’s current greatness by reeling off a laundry list of complaints.

“But when Donald Trump says, ‘Great,’ I ask, ‘Great for who, exactly?’” she said during a campaign appearance with Clinton. “For millions of kids struggling to pay for an education? For millions of seniors barely surviving on Social Security? For families that don’t fly to Scotland to play golf?”

The personal finance site WalletHub recently calculated patriotism using data like military service, rates of volunteerism, voter participation rates, and Peace Corps service. The result? Red states on average were more patriotic than blue states.

Pew Research Center released a report this week examining Americans’ attitudes about their fellow countrymen. Democrats more closely resemble Europeans in their assessment of Americans on a range of issues.

Half of Democrats surveyed agreed Americans are violent, compared with 29 percent of Republicans, a 21-point gap. Democrats were also more likely (by a 15-point margin) to think Americans are greedy, arrogant (12-point gap), and intolerant (12-point gap).

So Democrats are more likely than Republicans to not be extremely proud of their country and to think their fellow citizens are violent, greedy, arrogant, and intolerant — yet Trump is off base for pledging to make America great again?

OK, got it.

At least with President Obama in charge for the last seven-plus years, Democrats think things are getting better, right?

Well, not quite. According to a Reuters-IPSOS poll released Thursday, 48 percent of Democrats believe the nation is on the wrong track, compared with 37 percent who think it is going in the right direction.

If the Clinton campaign wants to push the narrative that America is already great, it might want to alert Democratic Party primary voters like Krystal Lake. The 22-year-old Home Deport worker became a social media sensation in May when she wore a hat stating, “America Was Never Great.”

The Bernie Sanders supporter told the Staten Island Advance: “The point of the hat was to say America needs changing and improvement.”

Lake will almost certainly not vote for Trump, but that is pretty much exactly the New York billionaire’s pitch to voters.