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America is on a knife’s edge. Will Republicans have the guts to stand with Trump?

Newt Gingrich, The most startling revelation from fired FBI Director James Comey’s testimony this week was his barefaced admission that he intentionally leaked details of his private conversations with the president to the press in an effort to prompt the appointment a special counsel. When asked Thursday by Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine whether

Victor Davis Hanson: Can Trump Successfully Remodel the Republican Party?

Victor Davis Hanson, The Republican Party establishment is caught in an existential paradox. Without Donald Trump’s populist and nationalist 2016 campaign, the GOP likely would not have won the presidency. Nor would Republicans now enjoy such lopsided control of state legislatures and governorships, as well as majorities in the House and Senate, and likely control

20 Republicans Voted AGAINST The House Health Care Bill- Let Us Introduce You…

Sierra Marlee, Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that the American Health Care Act passed the House of Representatives today, to the joy of Republicans and conservatives. It is the first step in making sure that Obamacare is completely gutted and repealed. Apparently not everyone was as excited about the prospect of

Republicans Need To Deliver Something…Soon

Derek Hunter, Whatever happens in the special runoff election in Georgia’s 6th congressional district, Republicans better be paying attention. Democrats are motivated; Republicans are not. If Republicans don’t follow through on what they’ve been promising, what they’ve said for years they will deliver, they not only will lose in 2018, they will deserve it. Democrats

House Republican moderates must repeal ObamaCare

David McIntosh, Vice President Mike Pence says Republicans are united in keeping their promise to repeal ObamaCare. House Speaker Paul Ryan says the same.  But some House Republicans are openly saying they’ll break that promise, conceding they played their constituents for suckers and undermining leaders they claim to respect, such as Pence and Ryan. Not

Congressional Republicans take heat at home on ObamaCare

Congressional Republicans returned this weekend to their districts to get another earful about ObamaCare, while giving mixed statements about how close they are to replacing the health care law and suggesting that avoiding a looming government shutdown is now the priority. California GOP Rep. Tom McClintock again held a town hall event in which residents