Retired General: Barack Obama Must Be Removed From Office

Ben Marquis,

It is abundantly clear that President Obama has presided over the worst administration in American history, with a voluminous record of crimes, lies, corruption and scandals.

It is equally clear that ‘We the People’ are running out of options if we want to save our country from his progressive socialist and ruinous agenda.  Petitions are ignored, the vote has been compromised, and Congress won’t impeach him, although there is ample evidence for the case to be made for impeachment.

It is beginning to seem that the only thing left to the people that can grab the attention of those in DC is when large numbers of people rally together and march on DC, like we saw last year with the truckers, bikers and vets riding and marching on DC.

impeachoverpasses_small Retired General: Barack Obama Must Be Removed From Office

Retired Major General Paul Vallely is calling for another massive march on Washington DC.  He wants to model a protest along the lines of the ‘Arab Spring’ that swept across the Middle East, especially in Egypt, which resulted in Mubarak being removed, and then the Muslim Brotherhood as well. (H/T WND)

“I’m not even sure our traditional process will straighten our government out in time to save us.”

He said doing nothing is not an option, because Washington won’t fix itself, and “hope is not a strategy.”

“We need something … a no confidence vote,” he said.

He called on Congress to pass legislation that would create a national recall process.

“We need to get off our derrieres, march at the state capitol, march in Washington,” he said. “Make citizens arrests.”

He said “conducting treason … violating the Constitution, violating our laws” should not be overlooked.

“When you have a president and his team who don’t care about the Constitution, they will do anything they can to win,” he said.

Vallely is seeking to restore rule of law to Washington, citing the numerous unilateral changes to Obamacare as a prime example of the corruption in DC and that the “credibility of our current leadership is gone”.

“Clearly America has lost confidence and no longer trusts those in power at a most critical time in our history,” Vallely said. “It is true that not all who ply the halls of power fit under that broad brush, but most of them are guilty of many egregious acts and we say it is time to hold a vote of no confidence. It’s time for a ‘recall.’”

“What else is our nation to do now that the ‘rule-of-law’ has effectively been thrown out the window by the Obama administration? How are we to trust our government anymore, now that lying and fraud are acceptable practices?” he asked.

He has no faith that the impeachment process would work, as he doesn’t believe that the Senate would convict, nor would it solve the fundamental problems facing our country.

“Harry Reid still controls the Senate, so like in Clinton’s day, forget about a finding of guilty,” he wrote. “Incidentally, if Obama was found guilty and removed from office, Joe Biden would step in, Valerie Jarrett still wields all the power, and likely we get more of the same.”

He also holds little faith in the Constitutional Article V Convention of the States method of repairing our system of government, as the process takes an extraordinary amount of time, time he thinks is no longer a luxury we have.

“That brings us to the other word no one wants to utter, revolution. In our opinion, this is the least palatable option. … Others talk about the military taking over as we saw in Egypt; again, we do not support this route,” he said.

“It is time to recall the reprobates and reclaim the power of the people,” Vallely said. “We need to start with the White House and all of Obama’s appointees, especially Eric Holder. … Then on to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi – the architects who shoved Obamacare down our throats. We also cannot forget John Boehner and company who openly castigate the tea-party caucus which are only doing that which they campaigned upon.”

Vallely noted that while the U.S. Constitution lacks a provision for a “recall” at the federal level, “there is nothing to prevent its use as a comprehensive de facto indictment and conviction for contempt of Congress, violations of oath of office and of the Constitution itself – for all the reasons stated in such a resolution.”

Vallely goes on to say he looks forward to the 2014 midterms, but feels that even advances through the elections will not provide the ultimate solution.

“Obama is still the president, and his Cabinet and appointees still remain in power. … Obama will just continue to subvert the Constitution he took an oath to faithfully protect. His track record shows us that no matter what the make-up of Congress is, he will twist his way around it with a pen and secure even more power reminiscent of a dictator,” Vallely said.

“When that does not work, he will manipulate the courts and law enforcement will be run by fiat, choosing winners and losers.”

Vallely explained that a “no confidence” vote now “would also tell the world that we recognize the mess this administration has wrought upon the world and we do not support his actions. Despite what supporters of Obama say about our standing in the world, the world is laughing at us. We are not pleased!”

Without that action, he writes, “Obama will just continue to subvert the Constitution he took an oath to faithfully protect.”

Unfortunately, General Vallely speaks quite a bit of truth.  His frustration with the traditional methods of changing our government is shared by many, many people, and that number is growing by the day.  The federal government has grown by such a large margin and shaken itself loose of the constraints placed upon it by the Constitution, that it is becoming difficult to see any easy way to return it to it’s origins.

Our voting system has fallen under question, with rampant voter fraud, allegations of rigging, and every attempt to fix it with voter ID challenged.  People have lost faith in most of the candidates, and most elections come down to a choice of the lesser of two evils, which is still evil.

Although it is risky, perhaps it is nearing time for the people to rise up and march on DC, to forcibly remove the corrupt cronies that hold power, and use that power to abuse the people that put them there in the first place.

At this moment, there is a group of people following the advice of General Vallely.  Called Operation American Spring, they are marching and rallying in and around the Capitol, with the express purpose of removing Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, Boehner, McConnell, and Eric Holder, among many others.  Of course, you most likely won’t hear about OAS on the mainstream media, unless they are disparaging and dismissing it, but it is happening nonetheless.  We will be watching and reporting on it as necessary.