Rick Perry: It’s Time for the States to Fight Back

 If you didn’t catch Texas Governor Rick Perry’s speech at CPAC, you’ve got to watch it at some point.  Perry was on fire, and you could tell he was having a great time firing the crowd up with his passionate speech.

Perry went after the overreach of the federal government in healthcare, the economy, and education, saying that the battle against big government should start at the state level, where the “laboratories of democracy” were intended to have broad, flexible powers to build successful systems.

rickperry_small Rick Perry: It's Time for the States to Fight Back

This is already happening, as we’re seeing a massive rebellion over gun control laws in states like Arizona and Missouri, nullification of federal laws like NDAA in Michigan and Obamcare in South Carolina.  Of course, the media wants to ignore the nullification movement, but there’s no ignoring the fact that it’s catching on because states are that fed up.

Breitbart reports:

Quoting Thomas Jefferson, Perry said, “It’s time for a little rebellion on the battlefield of ideas… instead of looking to Washington, look to the states.”

The states, Perry argued, are “laboratories of innovation.” It is time to elect national leaders “who devolve power to the states, not rob them of it.”

“It is time for Washington to focus on the few things the constitution establishes as the federal government’s role,” Perry told the receptive crowd. The federal government should “get out of the health care business…get out of the education business… [and] stop hammering industry.”

According to Perry, there are two visions of America at the state level.

In blue states, Perry said, taxes are out of control and jobs are fleeing. In red states, “freedom of the individual comes first. Taxes are low, spending is under control, and jobs are on the rise.”

Perry singled out four Republican governors whose conservative policies are leading to economic growth in their states: Nikki Haley in South Carolina, Bobby Jindal in Louisiana, Scott Walker in Wisconsin, and Rick Scott in Florida.

“Conservative governors trust the people more than the machinery of government,” Perry said. ”The contrast with blue states is crystal clear,” he added.

“Let’s pick the two biggest [blue states], New York and California. No two states have lost more personal income to other states,” Perry said. He noted that “it costs twice as much to hire a truck to move from California to Texas as it does to hire a truck to move from Texas to California… You can’t find enough trucks to flee the Golden State.”

Perry cited Texas, the state where he has served as governor for over a decade, as an excellent example of “Red State” success.” We cut taxes, we didn’t spend all the money… we made predictable regulations… we created 30% of the nation’s new jobs.”

Watch the full speech in the video below:

rick perry is exactly right.  We do need to start with one of our first principles – federalism – to take back our country and our constitution.  The “Convention of the States” proposal that’s gaining traction across the country, including states like Georgia and Alabama, is perhaps our best hope to drastically limit the power of the federal government by bypassing Washington completely and using the amendment process to require a balanced budget, repeal the income tax, introduce term limits, etc.