RNC Ad: "By His Own Admission"

This sort of attack ad became one-thousand percent inevitable the moment

120514_talkcmmntillus_p233_thumb3 RNC Ad: "By His Own Admission"

the president articulated his change of heart on, well, change:

Meanwhile, The One’s doing damage control, attacking Romney for the “inside job” he’s proposing, or something:

“For some reason, my opponent got really excited,” Obama said. “He rewrote his speech, proudly declared ‘I’ll get the job done from the inside.’ What kind of inside job is he talking about?” Obama said. “We don’t want an inside job in Washington. We want change in Washington.

I think the “inside job” Romney’s talking about is someone with the leadership and competence to get things done in Washington — which happens to the seat of government, where these things generally take place. It’s also great fun to watch the President of the United States attempt to claim the ‘outsider’ mantle after seven years in the Senate and White House. (Although, in fairness, the president spends much of his time away from the Oval Office — campaigning and on vacation). And far be it from Obama to be party to any unseemly, backroom, insider deals that fly in the face of the public interest, right?