Rob Ford: New video shows mayor rambling, slurring his words

 Mayor Rob Ford confirms he had been drinking last night after video surfaces showing him apparently intoxicated at a Rexdale restaurant early Tuesday morning.

Mayor Rob Ford vented his anger at police Chief Bill Blair in an incoherent and apparently intoxicated rant caught on videotape taken at a Rexdale steakhouse early in the morning of Tuesday, Jan. 21.

“—-sucker,” Ford says, followed by the words “Chief Blair.”

Mayor Ford admitted to a throng of reporters at City Hall that he had been out last night and had been drinking.

rob_ford_small Rob Ford: New video shows mayor rambling, slurring his words

In a reference to the police surveillance of Ford and friend Alexander Sandro Lisi, Ford complains about the money spent when they “chased me around five months.”

Ford also suggests he was running “counter surveillance” on the police. “He’s hiding here, I’m hiding here,” Ford says, gesturing.

“Do you know how much money that costs?” Ford asks in a Jamaican patois accent that he uses throughout the video. His at-times unintelligible ramble is peppered with slang and slurs. Ford is heard using a Jamaican curse word.

Councillor Doug Ford, the mayor’s brother, said the video “obviously” shows the mayor but could not have been taken last night, since he talked to the mayor last night — and since the mayor, he said, is heavier in the video than he is now.

 “I’ll repeat what he said 10 million times. (Since) the beginning of November, he hasn’t taken a drink. So, very simple,” Doug Ford told reporters outside the mayor’s office.

The video ends with a restaurant employee saying Rob Ford is the best mayor in the world.”

This guy deserves to be even better than Prime Minister Harper,” the employee says.

The video, which was posted on YouTube Tuesday, is titled “New Video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Drunk, Swearing in Jamaican Patois? Bumbaclot.”

Rob and Doug Ford react to new video

Around 1 p.m., the Star was contacted by individuals claiming to have footage, shot early Tuesday, of the mayor drunk at a Rexdale steakhouse. This appears to be the same footage.

“The footage seems to have been shot at Steak Queen in Rexdale. An employee at the restaurant who identified himself as Tony confirmed that the store is the one in the YouTube video. “He comes in here from time to time,” Tony said of the mayor. He would not say when Ford was there. “No one here was working last night.”

The clip is 1 minute and six seconds long. Ford appears to be standing at a fast food counter in a suit and red tie. CityTV filmed Ford in the same outfit Monday talking about parking tickets. Several young men appear to be in the restaurant as well, although most of the time, it is only Ford in the frame.

It’s hard to follow what Ford is saying. He appears to be talking about a conversation he had with another man.

The Star contacted Ford’s spokesperson Amin Massoudi for a comment and sent a screenshot of the clip, but he has not yet replied.

After admitting to smoking crack cocaine in November, Ford has promised he has not touched any alcohol. A week ago, after the mayor was spotted at Muzik nightclub, a reporter asked him if he’d been drinking.

“No I wasn’t drinking. I don’t drink,” he angrily replied.

The mayor’s driver and frequent companion, Jerry Agyemang, refused to comment when approached by the media.