Roger Stone: John Kasich Is a ‘Sore Loser’

The longtime political operative unloads on the Ohio governor.

Roger Stone has been a Republican agitator, adviser and political trickster for decades. From his work for President Nixon to this year’s advocacy for Donald Trump, Stone has been a fixture in GOP politics. 

The co-author several books, including Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family and The Clintons’ War on Women, Stone has long sought to influence America’s political trajectory. 

kasich_small-2 Roger Stone: John Kasich Is a 'Sore Loser'

In a wide-ranging interview with Bloomberg Politics’ “Masters in Politics” podcast, Stone touches on everything from Ohio Governor John Kasich’s refusal to endorse Trump in the 2016 presidential race to the role Newt Gingrich might play should the billionaire win the White House. 

You can hear the entire interview, conducted in Cleveland at the Republican National Convention, below.