Royal Wins will update their online casinos in Australia

Representatives of the Royal Wins Australian studio announced the launch of an updated version of its online casino.  

Royal Wins company is preparing to launch an updated online casino, which will provide an opportunity to gamble for money. This month-to-date service will provide customers with the opportunity to participate in skill-based games, as well as traditional casino games like roulette bets, black jack etc. 

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Michael Moretti, a digital marketer in Royal Wins, commented:  

We want to create a safe and fair environment, so need to ensure that the system works properly. Service includes a 100-point ID verification prior to the first withdrawal of funds that we use to confirm the identity and age of the players. After the identification, winnings will be deposited directly into the player’s specified account in the bank.  

The offer will be available for Android, but because of the rules of the Apples App Store in the country will not work through the IOS devices.