Sanders and Clinton Commit to Different New York Debate Dates

The debate over a New York debate continues. 

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton told ABC News on Sunday she would attend a debate hosted by the network April 15, four days before the New York primary. The campaign of Bernie Sanders, meanwhile, said in a news release shortly afterward that the Vermont senator had “accepted an invitation from NBC News for a Sunday night prime-time debate on April 10.”

The differing commitments are the latest round in an ongoing fight between the campaigns over whether and when the candidates will debate in the delegate-rich Empire State.

Hillary-Bernie_small Sanders and Clinton Commit to Different New York Debate Dates

Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs said in Sunday’s statement the Clinton campaign “disingenuously announced that it had agreed to a debate on another day when it knew very well that Sen. Sanders already had locked in a park permit for a major rally in New York City.”

The Clinton campaign did not immediately return request for comment, but spokesman Brian Fallon wrote on Twitter Saturday that Sanders hadn’t accepted a debate on the 14th or 15th because they would “rather have excuse to falsely attack Clinton to get headlines.”

In appearances on Sunday, both candidates said they believed they would make the debate happen.