Sarah Palin Dishes Out Endorsement to Katrina Pierson

 Sarah Palin does not hand out a lot of endorsements, but when she does she is usually quite successful. In 2012, underdog Ted Cruz credited Palin’s support with his surge in the Texas Primary while her endorsement of Deb Fischer (everyone else was like, who?) sent her from third to first in that Senate primary, and then on to a healthy route of the Democrat in the general election.

 Her picks do not always win the primaries, and Sarah Steelman lost a close race in the US Senate primary in Missouri to Todd Akin… don’t we wish we had that one back again? But her picks usually make it close, and now I’d guess Pete Sessions is slightly (or a lot) more worried than he was yesterday.

Sarah_small Sarah Palin Dishes Out Endorsement to Katrina Pierson

We recently interviewed Katrina Pierson, and you can read that here. Pierson is challenging a powerful incumbent in the GOP primary, and here is what Sarah Palin had to say about her candidacy:

“A feisty fighter for freedom, Katrina is taking on a powerful incumbent who has so lost touch with the people of his district that he’s not even bothering to spend much time in Texas anymore. It’s not only his district he’s lost touch with, but also the issues important to the voters there. He used his powerful position to oppose the movement to defund Obamacare, has voted to raise the debt ceiling, and has been an advocate for the NSA intrusion into our freedoms. When asked about Katrina’s primary challenge, he said, “these things happen.” Yes, they do. We all know what happens when we come together to support a good candidate like Katrina – the permanent political class loses and We the People win! We win by electing a fighter we can depend on like Katrina Pierson.”

May the best conservative win…