See Which Stars Are Definitely Members of the Illuminati (Video)

Earlier this week, a Yahoo News story indicated that it would let people see which stars are definitely members of the secretive group called the Illuminati. In a colorful slideshow, Yahoo presented a group of celebrities as diverse as Jay Z, Madonna, Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce and others.

illu_small See Which Stars Are Definitely Members of the Illuminati (Video)

Most of the pictures show the stars holding their hands in a so-called “secret Illuminati symbol” which is a triangle formed with the thumbs and forefingers. Other stars who have been “caught” making this symbol include Rihanna, Kesha and Kanye West, among others.

There are also other hand signals these stars use which some say prove the celebs are definitely members of the Illuminati. Those hand symbols are the “a-ok” sign, the hand covering one eye, and putting a circle of the forefinger and thumb in front of the eye as if to indicate looking through a microscope. These signs, say some, indicate that the star performing the symbol is a member of the Illuminati, who will soon usher in a New World Order. This new order is also connected to digital/electronic money and will eventually lead to the coming of the Antichrist and the “end of days” or Armageddon. So, which stars are flashing hand signals to let all the world know the celeb is a participant in taking over the world?


No stars are members of the Illuminati because an organized and powerful group such as this cannot, does not, and will never exist. What does exist is normal, otherwise rational human beings with a propensity toward natural brain processes to find patterns and meanings in random events that are not actually connected. This phenomenon is called “confirmation bias,” or, looking for evidence that confirms the theory one wants to be true.

Oh, the Illuminati used to exist, but they disbanded long ago; and they were never intent on starting a New World Order, they were just a group of folks who disagreed with the monarchy. Further, today’s modern “Illuminati” is nothing more than a racist, anti-Semitic, and sometimes paranoid version of an unreachable fantasy; a societal meme that has taken hold in a portion of the population so strongly that now even reputable companies like Yahoo are feeding into the hysteria.

For the record, the hand symbol of the triangle, so often used by Jay Z, BeyoncĂ©, et al, was proven eight years ago to be a way for Jay Z to promote his own record company, Roc A Fella Records. In fact, the hand symbol was already trademarked by a wrestler to promote a wrestling company, and that wrestler sued Jay Z for copyright infringement. The two men ultimately settled, but Jay Z’s hand gesture is officially a way to advertise his record company and has absolutely nothing to do with the Illuminati.

Why do other stars use it? Well, most of them are somehow connected to Jay Z, and even if they’re not, why does anyone copy anything? Why do people get their hair cut like Rihanna or wear clothes like Madonna? Why do choreographers copy each other’s dance moves? Why do children play the same hand games passed down through generations? We copy because we’re programmed by nature to mimic others. It’s the same reason babies smile and kids do cartwheels. We mimic because we are born to do so.

What about the “A-ok sign,” the hand over the eye, and the “keyhole in front of the eye” sign? Well, the first one has always meant “A-ok.” It’s meant that for hundreds of years. The other “signs?” Who knows? Why does anyone use any hand gesture? Maybe it doesn’t mean anything. Maybe the stars think it’s cool. Maybe they saw someone do it and they adopted it for themselves.

When we go onto sites such as Yahoo and view a slide show of stars all using the same hand gesture, the more gullible among us may view the collective photos as “proof” of these stars being definite members of the Illuminati. However, that is simply the brain making a pattern out of something in which no pattern exists.
For example, it would be easy to compile a slideshow of thousands of teens all making the popular “peace sign” symbol at a rock concert. Does this mean anything, necessarily? Does it mean they’re connected to a particular group, that they always practice peace, or even that they want peace in the world? Not really. Why do they all do it, then? For the same reason celebs mimic each other’s hand symbols. We’re humans; we copy each other. We do it because it’s cool or fun or even just for the heck of it.

Which stars are definitely members of the Illuminati? It’s clear to see the answer is “none.” Belief in the Illuminati is a product of the natural brain processes of confirmation bias and motivated reasoning; nothing more. A solid understanding of the neuroscience behind such processes and the application of critical thinking skills should soundly discredit belief in such things as the Illuminati, conspiracies, prophecies and so forth. Please view the video below for a thorough explanation of these two natural brain mechanisms, and the next time you see a Jay Z concert, relax! He, like the majority of other stars, is promoting nothing but himself.

An Editorial By: Rebecca Savastio