Sen. Marco Rubio: ˜The Time For Fighting Each Other Is Over’

Charlie Spiering,

Sen. Marco Rubio urges the Republican party to unite behind Donald Trump.

In a brief, 90-second video sent to the party convention in Cleveland, the former presidential contender said: “After a long and spirited primary, the time for fighting each other is over. It’s time to come together and fight for a new direction for America.”

The Florida senator, who excused himself actually appearing in person in order to work on his Senate re-election campaign, kept any inter party drama to a minimum, unlike his colleague Sen. Ted Cruz.

rubio2_small Sen. Marco Rubio: ˜The Time For Fighting Each Other Is Over'

He did not praise Trump, instead focusing intently on an anti-Hillary message.

“Hillary Clinton does not have the honesty, the courage or the independence to be the president we need for the next four years after the president we’ve had for the past eight,” he said.

Rubio argued Trump was a better choice than Clinton, noting his commitment to lower taxes, lower spending, constitutional Supreme Court judges, fighting radical Islamic terror, and rebuilding the military.