Sharia Law Alive And Well In America

As the Democratic National Convention is taking place in Charlotte, North Carolina, American Muslims couldn’t be happier. Just days prior to the opening of the convention, 20,000 Muslims gathered in Charlotte for their Jummah convention. And they did so with the blessings of the Democratic National Committee.

ctm_48hours_406_480x360-220x120 Sharia Law Alive And Well In America

Unlike the Republican National Convention which paid tribute to our Creator God, the Democratic National Convention has reportedly rejected almost any mention of God. Instead of praising God, they have been praising abortion and same-sex marriage. They are also boasting of the greatest number of Muslim delegates in history at any national political convention here in the U.S.

Islam is rapidly increasing in the U.S. and we’ve all heard lots of talk about Sharia law and how is it creeping into America. Muslims tenaciously deny that Sharia law is any different than American law and that it poses no threat to us.

Yet, with the influx of Muslims from numerous other countries, Sharia law is not creeping into America, it is already here and growing. The number of reports of Muslim fathers, sons and brothers beating, abusing and even killing their wives, daughters and sisters are also on the increase.

They do their best to hide it from the rest of the country and when confronted, they deny it, tell us it’s none of our business and that we wouldn’t understand. I was watching an episode of 48 Hours Mystery about a case in Arizona where a Muslim father intentionally ran over his teenage daughter, killing her. The police and prosecutor had a strong case against the father. He had threatened the daughter, she told friends she was afraid of him, he knew where she was and waited in the parking lot for 45 minutes and then raced towards her and swerved his car into her and a friend. He then sped off and hid for several days. After the trial was over, 48 Hours investigator tried to interview the two brothers of the slain girl. If you watch the entire 41 minute episode, which I highly recommend, notice that the brothers do not deny that it was an honor killing. They only say that it is none of the reporters business and that he would not understand. I took their statements to strongly indicate that it was an honor killing.




After watching the video, ask yourself if Sharia law is not alive and well in America. Then realize how much support there is among the Democratic Party. Muslims are now holding elected offices at local, state and national level and you can be assured that they will do their best to legalize Sharia law and convince America that there is no danger from it. November not only holds the future of America, but it just may hold the future of whether or not we allow Sharia law to become American law.