SNL Writer Goes After Barron Trump, Via Tweet #BoycottSNL

Matt Vespa,

He Would Be The Nation’s First Homeschool Shooter!

Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich was caught going after Barron Trump, the ten-year-old son of President Donald J. Trump, tweeting that he could become the nation’s first homeschool shooter. Not really a funny joke. She deleted the tweet and protected her account on Twitter. Yet, the Internet is forever:

Yes, Obama’s daughters also received some ridicule and unkind comments from a few conservatives, which wasn’t right either. At the same time, there were never hopes that they would become murderers.

barrontrump_small SNL Writer Goes After Barron Trump, Via Tweet #BoycottSNL Culture

Ken Meyer of Mediaite also corrected the record by saying that Barron wasn’t homeschooled. It’s your typical run-of-the-mill liberal tantrum.

They lost the election. Now, they hope that bad things happen to the new president because they don’t like him. We’re dealing with a bunch of cry babies, folks–but you already knew that. 

barrontwt_small SNL Writer Goes After Barron Trump, Via Tweet #BoycottSNL Culture

As for accountability, don’t hold your breathe about NBC doing anything concerning disciplining Ms. Rich.

CNN’s Jake Tapper had some words of wisdom:


That it even need be said is ridiculous, but mocking the 10-year-old child of a politician you loathe is odious, immoral, & self-defeating