Soccer Star: œTrump Last Hope to Save West From Global Socialism

John Patrick Acquaviva is a soccer star, motivational speaker, and political activist who grew up in Venezuela and now resides in Manchester, England.

At the age of 17, after winning the title of top freestyle soccer player and garnering endorsements with the likes of Red Bull and Adidas, and with the iron fist of a brutal socialist regime tightening around his people and homeland, he relocated to Great Britain to expand his sporting career.

A series of injuries forced John Patrick to retire from competitive play while ranked in the top 10 players internationally. Ever the optimist, he turned his energies towards new pursuits, giving presentations and performances for schoolchildren across the United Kingdom. He also started his own marketing and web development company, remotely employing Venezuelans at wages far higher than they could hope to garner locally. The minimum wage in Venezuela is roughly $9 per month, while skyrocketing inflation and scarcity of food have led to people killing their own pets to eat, despite the country sitting on some of the largest oil reserves in the world.

I’d like just one, principled “journalist” to ask Bernie Sanders “What went wrong in Venezuela @realDonaldTrump

acquqviva_small Soccer Star: œTrump Last Hope to Save West From Global Socialism

Acquaviva is now 22 and wise well beyond his years. He has fearlessly charged into the realm of political activism, speaking out about the dangers of socialism, globalism, and rampant Third World immigration into the West. With well over 300,000 followers on social media, he transmits Truth in a bold, bilingual voice that cuts across cultures, borders, and ideologies. He is an ardent supporter of Donald Trump and has made it his mission to connect with fellow Millennials and Hispanics to serve as a counterbalance to the lies, disinformation, and mis-translation of Trump’s message by the deceptive EneMedia and deranged celebrities.

I tracked down John Patrick while working on a piece centered around an incredible montage video he put together titled, Donald J. Trump: The Long Road to the White House. At the time, his video had remained a hidden gem with 2,500 views. In the last three weeks, it has racked up nearly 350,000 views and climbing fast.

We sat down for an interview earlier this week –

“The American people need to realize that Donald J. Trump is our last hope. He is the only person who is capable of saving America, and the Western world as a whole, from falling into the depths of despair, due to globalist agendas and an era of crippling political correctness.” – John Patrick Acquaviva