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High profile Twitter accounts hijacked in Turkish-Dutch protest

The diplomatic spat between Turkey and the Netherlands spread online on Wednesday when a large number of Twitter accounts, many with no apparent connection to the dispute, were hijacked and replaced with anti-Nazi messages in Turkish. The attacks, which appeared to be simply a form of political vandalism and used the hashtags #Nazialmanya or #Nazihollanda,

Twittergated: When Technology Turns on One of Its Own

Robert Holland, Irony is delicious when delivered in less than 140 characters. Dig it, tweet it: Technology genius Bill Gates discovers common folks have used technology to drive down support for his Common Core scheme. The Microsoft mogul supposedly found that out by paying for a high-powered team of university-based technology experts to discern why

Doing Your Part to Cultivate Civil Dialogue

Terry Paulson, In The National, Joseph Dana wrote: “Social media encourages aggressive discourse. The louder one is on Twitter, for example, the more followers and attention one receives. The more dramatic the update on Facebook, the more ‘likes’ it will get. Given the brevity of Twitter and its inherent commodification of discourse, deep discussion is discouraged. As such,

Hannity Tweetstorm Grills Obama & Underlings on FISA Trump Attack

Lee Stranahan, FOX News host Sean Hannity went on the warpath against President Obama and Obama administration officials Valerie Jarrett, Ben Rhodes, and former senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer on Saturday. Hannity grillied the three on the shocking revelations recently outlined by radio host Mark Levin and expanded on by Breitbart News that show that starting in

Twitter account mocking ‘questionable’ left-wing papers is shrouded in Secrecy

On any given day, the Twitter account of New Real Peer Review features the latest in wacky, abstract liberal research, from feminist glaciology to the racism of Pilates and pumpkin spice lattes. The account, which has some 23,000 followers, is shrouded in secrecy — its moderators unknown to those reading the satirical tweets mocking what

Facebook and the Anti-Fake-News Narrative Enlists Uber-Partisan David Brock?

Young Voices Advocates, Editor’s note: This column was authored by Alex Grass. After Hillary Clinton’s surprising fall from grace, longtime Clinton loyalist David Brock staged a Democratic Party revival pitch-session in Florida over inauguration weekend. Within a week, the Washington Free Beacon published a copy of a “briefing book” from the Florida retreat, revealing Brock’s