Socialist Traitor Sanders Who Honeymooned in Russia Wants Investigation of Sessions

Daniel Greenfield,

Socialist traitor Bernie Sanders who honeymooned in Russia and has a history of supporting this country’s enemies, wants an investigation of Attorney General Sessions’ Russian contacts

“We need a Justice Department that will give us the facts about Russia’s ties to the Trump campaign. Jeff Sessions should resign,” the Socialist traitor tweeted.

Let’s recall Sanders’ Russia ties.

During Bernie’s mayoral tenure, Burlington formed an alliance with the Soviet city of Yaroslavl, 160 miles northeast of Moscow. When in 1988 he married his wife, Jane, the mayor decided it would be a perfect place for his honeymoon. In a tape of his interview with Yaroslavl’s mayor, Alexander Riabkov, Sanders acknowledges that housing and health care appear to be “significantly better” in the U.S. than in the socialist paradise. “However,” he added, “the cost of both services is much, much, higher in the United States.”

There was even a Soviet flag.

berniesandersmarx_small Socialist Traitor Sanders Who Honeymooned in Russia Wants Investigation of Sessions Liberals

Sanders also adopted a Soviet sister city outside Moscow and honeymooned with his second wife in the USSR. He put up a Soviet flag in his office, shocking even the Birkenstock-wearing local liberals. At the time, the Evil Empire was on the march around the world, and threatening the US with nuclear annihilation.

Then, in 1989, as the West was on the verge of winning the Cold War, Sanders addressed the national conference of the US Peace Council — a known front for the Communist Party USA, whose members swore an oath not only to the Soviet Union but to “the triumph of Soviet power in the US.”

If Bernie Sanders wants an investigation of Russian ties, let’s start with this traitor’s ties.