Some New York City students allowed to skip class to join in Trump protests

History teachers at an elite New York City high school reportedly allowed their students to skip class Tuesday to join protests at the Trump Tower despite objections from fellow educators.

Sources told the New York Post reported that about 200 kids from Beacon High School in Manhattan joined other students in the city to demonstrate in front of Trump Tower.

However, English teachers at the same school firmly opposed the history teachers’ decisions. The students’ English teachers told them that they’d be penalized if they skipped out on their class.

Department of Education officials told the paper that no students were officially allowed to cut classes Tuesday and those who did leave school will face punishment. Sources said told the paper that parents weren’t alerted about the protest decision and only found out from their children.

“No Trump, no KKK, no racist USA!” some were heard chanting as they protested Donald Trump’s election.

nystudents_small Some New York City students allowed to skip class to join in Trump protests Students

One student told the paper that they would’ve preferred to be in class.

“Kids are crazy,” she said. “They fail to realize that America voted for him.”

But that was a minority opinion, as students from both private and public schools ripped Trump’s shock election last week.

A group of truant kids from private Poly Prep HS in Brooklyn told a Post reporter that they had been excused from school to join the resistance. But a staffer scoffed at the claim and said any kid found to have traded pencils for placards would face discipline.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Carmen Fariña sent a sympathetic note to teachers and administrators Monday.

“The outcome of the presidential election has left many youth and adult members of our community feeling confused or anxious,” Fariña said. “Undocumented immigrants and their families, LGBTQ students and staff, Muslims, and members of other religious, racial, or ethnic groups may be feeling particularly vulnerable during this time.”