Source: This is how Islamists knew of secret U.S. safehouse

Official warns of large scale
al-Qaida infiltration

al-qaida-280x275 Source: This is how Islamists knew of secret U.S. safehouse

NEW YORK – An Egyptian security official speaking to WND today said there is information about large-scale infiltration by al-Qaida and its affiliated Jihadia Salafiya groups within the Libyan security apparatus.

The claim comes amid speculation about how Islamists who targeted the U.S. mission in Libya seemed to have inside information about the movement of the American diplomats in the country as well as the location of a supposedly secret U.S. safehouse in Libya.

The attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya came in two phases. The first phase saw a mob arrive at the one-story villa that serves as the consulate, with heavily armed men later coming to the scene with armored vehicles and rocket-propelled grenades. Ambassador Chris Stevens and another American were killed in the initial attack.

Libyan security forces then evacuated the consulate staff to a supposedly secret safehouse located about a mile away. Hours later, a second assault targeted the safe house, killing two Americans and wounding a number of Libyans and Americans.

U.S. backing Islamic groups behind Libya, Egypt attacks?

The claim of al-Qaida infiltration of Libyan security forces comes after WND documented earlier this week how the U.S. supported Libyan rebels amid widespread reports that al-Qaida groups were incorporated in the rebel ranks.

The attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya is being widely blamed on al-Qaida-linked groups.

One witness to the mob scene in Libya said some of the gunmen attacking the U.S. installation had identified themselves as members of Ansar al-Shariah, which represents al-Qaida in Yemen and Libya.

The al-Qaida offshoot released a statement denying its members were behind the deadly attack, but a man identified as a leader of the Ansar brigade told Al Jazeera the group indeed took part in the Benghazi attack.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blamed the attack in Libya on a “small and savage group,

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