Stand Your Ground Laws Under Attack

Never underestimate the ability of liberals to attempt to repeal or propose a law by using a tragic event that wouldn’t have even be prevented if their proposed laws or repeal were in place. Following the Sand Hook tragedy, anti-gun Democrats proposed all forms of new gun legislation which they were forced to admit wouldn’t have stopped the crime they were using to promote such an agenda. And if you dared oppose the law that wouldn’t have prevented the crime that served as a catalyst, then you were hateful and insensitive.

Following the George Zimmerman trial, liberals have found a new gun-related boogeyman to attack the 2nd amendment over: Stand Your Ground laws. Calls for states to repeal these self-defense laws have come straight from the White House and Department of Justice. Never mind that the case they are using as a basis for attack never used Stand Your Ground as a defense. Never mind that the same defense and verdict would have probably happened in any state that didn’t have Stand Your Ground Laws. Never mind that they aren’t even using an actual instance of Stand Your Ground misuse as a basis for calling for repeal of those laws.

If you want to call for the repeal of Stand Your Ground laws, at least have an actual instance of it being used to make your case, rather than a highly politicized case that has nothing to do with the laws you now oppose.