Statements Regarding Trump Delegates from California and W.V. Neb. Wins #TeamTrump

California Vote June 7th, 7am to 8pm, You Must Register Republican

“Yesterday the Trump Campaign submitted its list of California delegates to be certified by the Secretary of State of California. Upon careful review of computer records, the inclusion of a potential delegate that had previously been rejected and removed from the campaign’s list in February 2016, was discovered. This was immediately corrected and a final list, which does not include this individual, was submitted for certification.”

California’s GOP Presidential Primary is a “closed” system. You must be registered as a Republican if you want to vote for Donald Trump. Visit this link at the Secretary of State to register Republican.

California Has a Closed Primary

You must be registered Republican to vote in the California Primary for Donald Trump!

– California State Director, Tim Clark

cali4trump Statements Regarding Trump Delegates from California and W.V. Neb. Wins #TeamTrump

Donald J. Trump Statement Regarding West Virginia and Nebraska Primary Victories

“It is a great honor to have won both West Virginia and Nebraska, especially by such massive margins. My time spent in both states was a wonderful and enlightening experience for me. I learned a lot, and that knowledge will be put to good use towards the creation of businesses, jobs, and the strengthening and revival of their economies. I look forward to returning to West Virginia and Nebraska soon, and hope to win both states in the general election. Likewise, my time spent last week with the great people of Oregon will hopefully lead to another victory next Tuesday.”

– Donald J. Trump