Status Quo Campaign of Shock and Awe

The American people of the American race seem to be in a state of shock and awe as the two elitist private clubs, the Democratic and Republican Parties, continue their fictional production of the 2012 Presidential Election, and the hypocrisy knows no bounds.

production Status Quo Campaign of Shock and Awe

The neo-con national socialists have latched onto the DNC Convention debacle involving the vote to remove God from their platform and assert Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, pretending that the very same bogus teleprompter incident did not occur in the RNC Convention vote to unseat the Ron Paul delegates.
Both the false left and the false right are bragging about the hundreds of millions in special interest dollars they still have to spend on their productions. This gluttony of excess in itself should be enough to turn any American with the smallest bit of morality left away from this embarrassing lie, in considering that it is no longer a secret in the most minute aspect that the elite are and have always been the ruling class and are solely responsible for every decision that has brought our once great nation to its knees. Or are we failing to see this self evident fact?

We have to realize that it is these private associations, the political parties that create the policies and appoint the judges from their private BAR Association to affirm their validity.

The condition in the US today is this. The rich elite have been living through a boom for the past four years as the rest of us have been living through a depression. Yet they have the gall to address our problems as their problems when the fact is they have no problems and they are the ones, 110%, responsible for our problems.

As previously mentioned, they have been dictating the laws and policies for the course we are on. Should it be a surprise that the laws and policies that they are dictating takes everything from us and gives it to them?

We have to face the reality and see that our enemy is right here among us and that they despise us for our want of our basic freedoms and liberties, as these freedoms and liberties, when asserted by us, are the chains that bind our government. And if these chains are reasserted, the elite will be brought back to a state that they cannot stand and they reject, and that is equality with the rest of us.

These sick minded parasites actually believe that the wealth they have stolen from us through fraudulent treachery somehow makes them better than us. But I guess this fits right in with the Zionist theology which dictates that the people of Zion are of a higher species, just as a circumstance of their birth into the evil cabal.

We will never know peace again until we destroy Zion. No matter the conflict anywhere around the world the Zionists are at the root of the cause. They are the minute few who have been oppressing the many for far too long. We must openly reject Zionism in every quarter and shun the Christian Zionists in our country who are traitors of the highest order. Let them know they are going to answer for their crimes because we are going to take back our Republic and reinstate our Constitution, and all other statutes, laws, policies, and notions to the contrary will be abolished.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.