Stephen Miller: ˜Only Way Ted Cruz Can Win Is By Nullifying Ballots That Have Already Been Cast’

Rebecca Mansour, Breitbart

Stephen Miller, the senior policy advisor for GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, believes that Ted Cruz no longer has a “democratic path” to the nomination. “The only way Ted Cruz can win,” Miller asserted, “is by nullifying ballots that have already been cast” by Republican voters.

In an interview Wednesday with Liz Claman on Fox Business News, Miller was asked to address reports that the Cruz campaign plans to block Trump on a second ballot at the GOP convention in July if the frontrunner doesn’t have the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the nomination on the first ballot.

“We are expecting to get to 1,237 delegates,” Miller said. “But I want to make a point that is important. In recent days our campaign has said it was wrong to cancel the election in Colorado. Our campaign has criticized insider deals where delegates that are pledged to Donald Trump have made secret arrangements to nullify the vote of their Congressional Districts and vote for Ted Cruz instead. We have been outspoken about this, and Ted Cruz and others inside DC have said, ‘Well, those are the rules.’ Well, these are the rules that have been established to protect political interests and betray working Americans for decades. We are proud of the fact that our campaign is criticizing a system that led to the disaster that has ruined our middle class.”

tedcruzquits_small Stephen Miller: ˜Only Way Ted Cruz Can Win Is By Nullifying Ballots That Have Already Been Cast'

“I am with you 100 percent on some of those issues where it appears to be a complete a mess, but Donald Trump is committing some unforced errors here,” Claman said, citing the issue of the Virginia delegates as an example.

“Team Trump missed the Virginia deadline to assemble the list of potential delegates, and now Ted Cruz has delegate candidates in 10 out of the 11 Congressional [districts],” she explained. “Donald Trump won Virginia, but he missed the deadline to assemble those delegates to ensure he’s got them come Cleveland.”

Miller explained that the Trump campaign has now put together the “best team” under veteran delegate strategist Paul Manafort to address the “tactical issue of winning delegates,” and they “feel very confident about that” going forward.

But Miller then addressed what he characterized as “the moral point” about the manner in which Trump’s opponents have been using the delegate process.

“It is wrong to disenfranchise voters by going around the country making secret deals with inside party officials—elected GOP officials—and saying, ‘Yeah, your GOP district representing 750,000 people supports Donald Trump and rejects Ted Cruz, but we want you to make a secret pact to nullify the vote and support Ted Cruz,’” Miller said.

“Ted Cruz has only won three primaries outside his home state,” Miller continued. “Ted Cruz is trailing by 2 million votes. Soon it’s going to be a lot more votes than that. He has no democratic path to the nomination. The only way Ted Cruz can win is by nullifying ballots that have already been cast.”