Steven Seagal: When Benghazi is Exposed, Obama Will Be Impeached [VIDEO]

 President Barack Obama’s administration is quite possibly the most scandalous in all of American history.  The absurdly long list of crimes, lies and corruption committed by Obama and his cronies grows almost by the day.

There are so many reasons for which Congress should impeach Obama, it is difficult to know where to start.  Fortunately, a former federal prosecutor has taken the time to make the legal and political case for why Obama should be impeached without further delay.

benghaziobama_small Steven Seagal: When Benghazi is Exposed, Obama Will Be Impeached [VIDEO]

Perhaps one of the biggest scandals facing the Obama administration is their failure and coverup of Benghazi.  Thankfully, Trey Gowdy is now heading up a special Benghazi Select Committee that is determined to discover the whole truth of the matter.

Steven-Seagal_small Steven Seagal: When Benghazi is Exposed, Obama Will Be Impeached [VIDEO]

Actor Steven Seagal recently gave a short speech at a conservative conference, during which he called out the corrupt and scandalous nature of our current government, and said that the truth of Benghazi could very well lead to the impeachment of Obama. (H/T Right Wing News)

“Never in my life did I ever believe that our country would be taken over by people  like the people who are running it at this day.”

“When we have leadership that thinks that the Constitution of the United States of America is a joke, when we have a President who has almost a thousand Executive Orders now, when we have a Department of Justice that thinks that any kind of a judicial system that they make up as they go along can get by with whatever they decide that they won’t do.”

“What’s happened with Fast and Furious?  What’s happened with the truth about any of some of the greatest scandals in American history that have happened right before our eyes?”

“If the truth about Benghazi were to come out now, I don’t think that this man would make it through his term, I think he would be impeached.”

“America is a great country where we have designed a system based on the Constitution where we have freedom of speech, we’re allowed to disagree and say what we want to say, and should not be persecuted for it.  But on the same token, those who have something to say that is too controversial really have to be very, very careful, and I think right now we are at a sort of tipping point where, whether you are a Democrat or Republican, we have to realize that we have to put the parties aside and all come together as Americans and realize that we have to take this country back.”

Seagal is absolutely correct.  The Obama administration has committed some of the greatest scandals in our country’s history, and the scandals transcend party lines.  It is time for Americans to unite together in search of truth and justice.

Hopefully Seagal is also correct in his assessment of Benghazi, and that once the truth is fully exposed, Obama will be impeached for it.