Summary Of Trump’s Economic Remarks In Bangor, Maine

As Mr. Trump continues to argue for change in our rigged system, many who have benefited from these imbalanced trade deals are lashing out to maintain the status quo.

· Mr. Trump takes their attacks as a compliment, and proof that his challenge to the system is shaking D.C. Mr. Trump wants trade deals, but he wants trade deals that are fair, balanced and benefit American workers. Ones that will produce jobs and wealth for our country and our workers.

· America has lost nearly a third of our manufacturing jobs in the last 20 years. This comes as our population has increased by over 50 million in the same time. Since 2000, American household income is down $4,000, and the percentage of those outside the labor force has reached its highest level since the 1970’s.

maga_small-4 Summary Of Trump's Economic Remarks In Bangor, Maine

· Imbalanced trade deals have negatively impacted the American economy. We are no longer the world’s dominant producer and our economy has weakened as a result.

· Clinton has been on the other side of this fight, as an extreme globalist who fights only for the D.C. special interests. America will suffer under her presidency.

· Mr. Trump will continue to fight to put America First, and will make sure that any trade deals are in the best interests of the country, and not established D.C. special interests.