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Ex Planned Parenthood Director Slams HuffPo Contributor on Planned Parenthood Missteps

Abby Johnson, Recently, Kim Bode, a Huffington Post contributor, posted a piece challenging those who support defunding Planned Parenthood to “educate themselves.” As a former director for 8 years of one of Planned Parenthood’s largest affiliates, I’m going to say that I am quite “educated” about Planned Parenthood and their practices. After all, there’s really no

The Pro-Life Position Is the Pro-Woman Position

Jerry Newcombe, Hundreds of thousands of women descended on Washington, DC and many major cities around the country the day after President Trump’s inauguration, to voice their displeasure with the new administration. That didn’t take long. But only those who are committed to abortion rights were allowed to participate. It has been widely reported that

Investigation: Planned Parenthood Lies About Offering Prenatal Care

Guy Benson, When Planned Parenthood executives and defenders (read: financial beneficiaries) decry Congressional efforts to redirect its taxpayer funding to other women health centers, they often insist that the organization provides vital services that have nothing to do with their thriving abortion business or fetal organ harvesting and profiteering. They vastly overstate women’s reliance on Planned Parenthood, and wrongly claim that

Horror: Teenage Girl Held Against Will in Buffalo Abortion Clinic

Cortney O’Brien I wrote about Buffalo Women’s Services a few months ago, after it made headlines for becoming the country’s first birthing center/abortion clinic. Now, that oxymoronic facility is in the news once again for refusing to let a 15-year-old girl leave who had started to change her mind about having an abortion. Abby Johnson,