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Mike Pence: I’d prefer if ‘Dishonest Hillary’ didn’t associate herself with ‘Honest Abe’

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence said he’d prefer if “Dishonest Hillary” didn’t associate herself with “Honest Abe” Lincoln, after Hillary Clinton tried to explain a seeming disconnect between private and public positions by invoking the 16th president’s name at Sunday’s debate. “What you have with these Wikileaks releases of these emails is they’re pulling

Liberals are Premature Prognosticators

Wayne Allyn Root,  Did you watch the media over the weekend? They were gloating. They thought the race was over. They thought Trump was finished. Finito. History. Did you listen to the political experts? They too were burying Trump. Did you watch the career politicians? Even Republican politicians raced away from Trump. They were like

5 Historic National Conventions That Will Make This Year’s Look Tame

Rebecca Nelson, It’s no secret that the 2016 presidential race has been one of the most bizarre, confounding elections of our time—even Stephen Hawking can’t make sense of it. Though Hillary Clinton has all but clinched the Democratic nomination, her come-from-behind challenger, Bernie Sanders, has promised to take his bid for the nomination to the