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Yes, Abortion is an Important Issue in the Alabama Senate Election

Michael New, Although Planned Parenthood has not endorsed a candidate in the Alabama U.S. Senate race, they clearly have an ongoing interest in dissuading the Democratic Party from nominating pro-life candidates – even in conservative states. Planned Parenthood recently commissioned a poll of Alabama voters and spun the results to argue that abortion is an

Gorsuch Survives barrage from Democrats, readies for third day of confirmation hearings

Senate Democrats on Tuesday pressed Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch on his opinion on past court rulings that could help identify his ideological approach to the bench, but he appeared to have emerged from the hours of testimony relatively unscathed. Gorsuch appeared intent on following the Hippocratic Oath: First do no harm. He avoided any

Gorsuch vows independence at confirmation hearing, says won’t be ‘rubber stamp’

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, peppered with questions for hours from senators trying to pry loose his views on a host of hot-button cases, responded Tuesday with a consistent answer: His job is to follow the law, and set aside his personal beliefs. Like past nominees in confirmation hearings dating back decades, President Trump’s pick

What Do Democrats Want More – Abortion Industry Money or Pro-Life Votes?

Frank Pavone, “The stakes have been high in previous elections.  But in 2016, the stakes can be measured in human lives….” –     2016 Democratic Party Platform How right the Democrats were in declaring that the stakes in the 2016 election could be measured in human lives.  How wrong they were in making their measurement. That’s because