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Meryl Streep bashes Trump, but applauds a pedophile

Todd Starnes, Hollywood’s utter contempt for President-Elect Donald Trump and Middle America was on full display during Sunday night’s Golden Globes. A who’s who of Hollywood A-listers unleashed a torrent of hateful remarks directed not only at the president-elect, but also toward his supporters (the folks Hillary deemed as irredeemable deplorables). The most aggrieved actress

Only Trump Has a Chance to Bring the Country Together #OnlyTrump

Roger L Simon, PJMedia  Many Americans are justifiably worried about how our country can be brought together after this most divisive of elections in years. Those who think that Hillary Clinton can do it are living in dreamland. The continued WikiLeaks revelations—and they are probably just getting started—coupled with the ongoing investigations on many fronts, lies multiplying on

The Astounding Hypocrisy of Hollywood, the Media and the Democrats

Ben Shapiro, This week has been a full-scale disaster for Republican candidate Donald Trump. His poll numbers are dropping toward Australia. His establishment-Republican supporters are panicking. His campaign has swiveled toward slapping defectors rather than drawing new voters. All of this is because Trump turned out to be a Hollywood media celebrity with Democratic leanings…who

Hillary’s Libya: The Second Time as Farce

Roger L Simon, Amidst the welter of commentary on Hillary Clinton’s June 2 foreign policy speech in which she allegedly eviscerated Donald Trump as the most unreliable leader since Caligula (projection?), I couldn’t avoid thinking of Karl Marx’s oft-quoted line from The 18th Brumaire of Louis Napoleon: “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce.” I’m no Marxist,

Trump States the Obvious about the Press

Roger L Simon, PJMedia Oh, the vapors, the vapors… Donald Trump, while detailing his veteran donations at a news conference, thoroughly dissed the press and called a reporter “sleazy.”  (Hillary Clinton, it’s worth noting, doesn’t do that.  She can’t because, although running for president, she hasn’t had a news conference in 2016.) Well, of course

How Trump Can Win the Black Vote to Win the Election #TeamTrump

Roger L Simon, PJMedia the welter of cable commentary over Donald Trump’s overwhelming victories in the so-called “Acela primary” Tuesday, among the most startling was an aside by CNN’s Van Jones that Trump could win the election if he got just 25% of the black vote. Now this didn’t make the African-American activist who co-founded and is