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What a Trump presidency really means for Medicare

Dr. Kevin Campbell,  Now that President-elect Trump is beginning to form his Cabinet, there are many questions about how his administration will affect health care.  Mr. Trump has made it very clear that he intends to dismantle ObamaCare. Recently he has hinted at keeping certain provisions of the ACA in place.  This week, with the

Supreme Court dodges major decision on Obamacare birth control

The ideologically deadlocked Supreme Court on Monday failed to resolve a major case involving the Obamacare law’s mandatory birth control coverage, telling lower courts to reconsider the matter after tossing out their rulings favoring President Barack Obama. With four conservative justices and four liberals, the court did not rule on the merits of the legal

Siemens Security Flaw? U.S. Government Investigates Claims Of Insecure Networking Equipment

siemans security

BOSTON (Reuters) – The U.S. government is looking into claims by a cyber security researcher that flaws in software for specialized networking equipment from Siemens could enable hackers to attack power plants and other critical systems. Justin W. Clarke, an expert in securing industrial control systems, disclosed at a conference in Los Angeles on Friday

Walmart to start selling unlabeled insecticide-laced GMO corn from Monsanto


America’s largest bio-agriculture company and the biggest retailer in the country are joining forces, but a happy ending isn’t necessarily in sight. Walmart will soon be stocking their shelves with GMO corn made by Monsanto. Millions of Americans shop at Walmart, but that doesn’t mean that they all know what they’re getting as they check

Program will make condoms available to students as young as 12

SPRINGFIELD (AP) – Springfield’s School Department will be contacting parents in the next two weeks to detail a new program allowing students ages 12 and older to have access to condoms. The Springfield Republican reports that officials will emphasize that parents and guardians have the right to opt out if they do not want their

Obama’s Economic Policies Same As Those Of His Communist Mentor


A new book being released this week chronicles Barack Obama’s early days in Hawaii when he was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, a card carrying communist. Dr. Paul Kengor’s book, The Communist, has the subtitle of Frank Marshall Davis: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor.  The book details Kengor’s research and interviews with those