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Acela Primary

Four big takeaways from Trump’s ‘Acela Primary’ triumph

William Whalen, Whoever dubbed Tuesday, April 26 the “Acela Primary” (because the five states that held primaries on that day coincide with the route of Amtrak’s fastest carrier) needs a refresher in how trains and Republican presidential hopefuls run. The Washington-to-Boston Acela service is known for the three things: speed, “quiet cars” and higher fares.

PA is Tuesday’s Critical, Confusing Contest #VoteTrump

Jon Conradi, What you need to know about the Acela Primary’s most important vote. Pennsylvania is by far the largest delegate haul of any of the GOP contests being held Tuesday in the creatively dubbed “Acela Primary.” With the margin between a contested convention and a settled nominee likely to come down to fewer than

╦ťAcela Primary’ Starts Key Campaign Week That Ends in Indiana

After five primaries Tuesday, attention will quickly move to Indiana and what’s viewed as the last best opportunity by Trump’s opponents to slow his momentum. Donald Trump is poised to sweep five Northeast primaries Tuesday as the Republican presidential campaign enters a critical week that ends with Indiana’s primary, a stretch that may determine his prospects of winning the

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Likely to Sweep ╦ťAcela Primary’ #VoteTrump

Five Northeastern and mid-Atlantic states, dubbed the Acela Corridor block after the Amtrak line that serves them, will go to the polls Tuesday. If polls are any indication, the results will cement the delegate leads of Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. Both Trump and Clinton hold wide leads in surveys of voters in