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Florida Walmart store “unable” to enlarge Muhammad cartoon, forwards it to local sheriff

Pamela Geller, I received this disturbing email from Gerald Lostutter, a longtime Geller Report reader in Florida. He wanted to present a framed Muhammad cartoon to local ACT chapter leader Roger Gangitano, but Walmart made it difficult: An example of defacto Sharia law in the USA: Wal-Mart’s photo department was unable to properly enlarge my

Left Condemns Anti-Sharia Protests, But Not Islamic Terrorism

Jamie White | Infowars, SJWs choose political correctness over defending oppressed women. Leftist groups and the media are swiftly demonizing Saturday’s nationwide anti-Sharia protests as “hate speech” and “bigotry.” The nationwide demonstration that took place in 28 cities, called “March Against Sharia – March for Human Rights,” is organized by ACT for America, a Virginia-based nonprofit

Russian mission On Fundraising Letter from John McCain Election Campaign #WikiLeaks

Will What Wikileaks Revealed Put John McCain in JAIL ? A WikiLeaks document just surfaced that exposes John McCain as the CRIMINAL TRAITOR that he truly is! In case you forgot, it was John McCain who was responsible for the FAKE Russia dossier claiming Trump had ties to Russia and Russian prostitutes. He said possible Russian hacking

Congress Looks to Permanently Slice Government Red Tape

Brendan Kirby, Three bills passed by House would rein in regulatory state beyond just one administration. While President Trump is taking a hatchet to regulatory burdens with his executive powers, Republicans in Congress are pressing for legislation that would make it easier to fight red tape even in future administrations. Trump did his part this

Un-Educated and Under-Educated American Youth

Walter Williams, Explaining the rise of Bernie Sanders. Do you wonder why Sen. Bernie Sanders and his ideas are so popular among American college students? The answer is that they, like so many other young people who think they know it all, are really uninformed and ignorant. You say, “Williams, how dare you say that?! We’ve