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Fox’s Brit Hume devastates Democrat guest over Benghazi

If we had a real media, every network would be ripping Benghazi apologists like former Rep. Jane Harman to shreds, the way Brit Hume (with a timely assist from Chris Wallace) did on Fox News over the weekend. After a laughably ineffective attempt to compare the serious questions about Benghazi to an Area 51 alien

Top Intel Chief Testifies: ‘We Should Have Sent Help For Americans in Benghazi’

Katie Pavlich Testifying in front of a House Oversight Committee hearing Thursday on Capitol Hill, retired Air Force Brigadier General Robert Lovell said the military should have and could have done more to help Americans who were killed in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. Lovell is the former deputy director for intelligence at Africa Command.

Hillary Gets Knifed in Benghazi Drive By

John Ransom,  So Benghazi finally claims another victim. The knife sticking out of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s back was stuck there slowly by fellow pantsuiter, Sen. Diane Fienstein, (D-Kalf.) who chairs the Senate Intelligence committee for the gentleman’s club also known as the United States Senate. That knife means that Hillary is probably