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On the Wrong Side of History

Richard L. Cravatts, Boycotting historians denounce blacklists just as they call for blacklisting Israeli academics. Of the many examples of the shameful degradation of values in academia, few are more intellectually grotesque than academic boycotts, which, in their present form, are almost exclusively targeted at Israeli scholars and institutions. In the latest example, at their

Ann Coulter: Ted Cruz is Tracy Flick With A D*ck

Ann Coulter, Before we begin, can we stop referring to Wisconsin as “Midwestern nice”? That’s all we’ve heard since Ted Cruz beat Donald Trump there: Wisconsinites are just so nice, they couldn’t abide Trump’s rough style. Does anyone remember the whole taking over the capitol thing? How they nearly recalled a sitting governor a few

Muslim students force Brandeis University to cancel honors for Ayaan Hirsi Ali

 These are golden times for the Heckler’s Veto.  From a California school pressured by violent thugs into banning American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo, to Mozilla possibly committing corporate suicide by throwing its CEO to a fascist mob, intimidation tactics are working beautifully.  The cold strategy of the Heckler’s Veto doesn’t even require formal