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Google Attempts Coup Inside Trump Administration to Stop Anti-Trust Action

Jerome Corsi | Infowars, Tech giant wants its puppets placed inside FCC. WASHINGTON, D.C. – Behind the scenes Google has been pushing for key administration positions for Republican-lite figures Google has reason to believe will work to block any anti-trust action against the tech giant, despite Google’s continued censorship of conservative news, including blocking

The Constitution Protects Us from Government. And Only from Government

Candidate Donald Trump ran on massive regulatory rollbacks. And won thereon. Since being sworn in, he’s – in very un-Washington-D.C.-fashion – adhered to and started implementing his campaign promises. Including his regulatory rollbacks – pledging cuts of “75% or more.” Serious business. His Cabinet almost inarguably is the most deregulatory in our nation’s history. To

New FCC chair closely guards his strategy to restructure net neutrality

The new chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission under President Donald Trump is keeping under wraps his strategy to revise or reverse the Obama administration’s “net neutrality” rules, but emphasized he is committed to ensuring an open internet. Ajit Pai, 44, a Republican lawyer who has served as a FCC commissioner since 2012, strongly

Rebuilding the Country: America’s next great infrastructure project

Steve Forbes, President Donald Trump has made it clear that he will make good on his promise to rebuild the country — both figuratively and literally. America’s economic future has always depended on strategic infrastructure investments. In 1956, it was the formation of the U.S. Interstate Highway System. Today, it’s a modern broadband communications networks that

2017: Trump’s Reality Revolution Won – Now It Must be Implemented

Seton Motley, Washington, D.C. has been – for decades, in bipartisan fashion – a swallowing void of anti-reality.  The federal government has at best terribly mishandled, at worst utterly destroyed everything in which it insists on involving itself.  Despite this record of nigh perfect imperfection, the list of things in which the federal government insists