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Al Capone

Trump is relentlessly arguing that Clinton is unfit for office

Think of it as the moment when Donald Trump truly learned to throw a (campaign) punch. It came about three weeks ago, amid the latest swirl of stories on the  Clintons’ ethics.  Hillary Clinton had recently blamed her private email server on  Colin Powell. Judicial Watch had released more emails that showed the Clinton Foundation begging

Convicted Criminal Soros Spending Millions to Buy District Attorneys

Daniel Greenfield, Don’t worry. It’s all about “criminal justice reform”. Which means it’s really great that a billionaire convicted of insider trading is buying DA’s like cattle. Criminals buying chunks of the justice system is praiseworthy if they’re progressives. Just ask Scott over at Politico. “George Soros’ quiet overhaul of the U.S. justice system” Who

Former Bush Official Just Confirmed That Our Wars Are for Corporate Interests

Claire Bernish, ANTIMEDIA  “I think Smedley Butler was onto something,” Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former George W. Bush administration heavyweight, told Salon in an exclusive interview. Major General Smedley Butler earned the highest rank in the U.S. Marine Corps, accumulating numerous accolades as he helped lead the United States through decades of war. He later became

An Innocent Abroad

Dear Guide in Tashkent,  I regret I never learned your name, but your language, heard from the back of a tour bus, remains a thing of curious beauty and a joy recurrently remembered. You could call it English, though more strictly speaking it was American, and a distinct subset of American at that. Not just