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Anyone But Them: US Voters’ Main Motivation Is Blocking The Other Candidate Poll

Nearly half the supporters of Republican candidate Donald Trump plan to vote for him out of fear that Democrat Hillary Clinton might become president. And it’s the same, vice versa, for those who plan to vote for Hillary. A Reuters/Ipsos poll released Thursday revealed that almost half American voters are going to vote “against” rather

Top reason Americans will vote for Trump: ‘To stop Clinton’

The U.S. presidential election may turn out to be one of the world’s biggest un-popularity contests. Nearly half of American voters who support either Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump for the White House said they will mainly be trying to block the other side from winning, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Thursday.

Trump has not been Treated Fairly by the RNC, GOPe and the Media #OnlyTrump

Edmund Kozak, Lifezette Scientific formulas based on economy show Republican victory likely. Republicans will take the White House in 2016, even with the controversial and allegedly “unelectable” Donald Trump as nominee, according to two economic models with successful records of accurately predicting presidential elections. One model, launched by Yale professor Ray Fair in 1978, relies