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Healthy Employment Growth signals the start of a New Era for American Workers

Brendan Kirby, Jobs Report Closes Book on Obama Economy? The January jobs report released Friday marks the end of Barack Obama’s presidency and an economic legacy tarnished by the steady decline of the nation’s manufacturing base. America had 12.34 million manufacturing jobs in January, up by about 5,000 the previous month but down by 1.75 percent from January

Trump’s Path ” Security, Economy, and Prosperity #AmericaFirst

Brendan Kirby, New poll gives Republican wide lead to restore jobs, lift wages, and combat terror. A new national poll offers a brightly lit road map to the presidency for presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump — keep talking about security, the economy, and the prosperity an improvement in both will bring. Overall, the Quinnipiac University poll

The Bruised and Battered Middle Class #AmericaFirst

Brendan Kirby, The geography of its steady decline highlights opportunity for #Trump2016 The American middle class is shrinking in dramatic ways, a trend that could have a profound impact on the 2016 presidential election — and one that offers a road map for how Donald Trump might upset Hillary Clinton. In December, Pew Research Center detailed

Hoosier State has been prime victim of failed U.S. policies

Alan Tonelson, Trade Losses Could Doom Cruz’s Indiana Hopes. If Tuesday’s Indiana primary really is Ted Cruz’s last stand, his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination is in even worse trouble than it seemed right after Donald Trump’s Northeast sweep. For the Hoosier State — and especially its big manufacturing sector — have been prime

U.S. loses 29,000 manufacturing jobs, steepest decline since 2009

Brendan Kirby, March Manufacturing Massacre. Buried in an otherwise positive monthly jobs report Friday was this troubling sign for the economy’s industrial base: America shed 29,000 manufacturing jobs in March, the steepest decline since December 2009. Overall, total non-farm jobs rose by 215,000, producing an unemployment rate of 5 percent — in the range of