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U.S. Govt. Editing Wikipedia to Smear Independent Media Personalities?

Entry from IP traced to U.S. House of Representatives describes Alex Jones as ‘Kremlin disinformation agent’  Edits to the Wikipedia profiles of Alex Jones and Abby Martin which malign the two alternative media personalities as Kremlin propagandists are linked to an IP address associated with the House of Representatives, prompting suggestions that the U.S. government […] Read More →

MSNBC Smears Bundy Supporters as “Insurgents,” Attacks Infowars, Drudge

Host Chris Hayes laments “Alex Jones-ification of the GOP” In a 15 minute-long ideological crusade, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes smeared Cliven Bundy supporters as ‘insurgents’ while lamenting the threat posed to the establishment by an Alex Jones-Drudge-Fox News-Rand Paul “axis” that threatens to rock the 2016 presidential race. Implicitly siding with Harry Reid’s widely derided claim […] Read More →

Bloomberg Group Flips Over Gun Confiscation Leak

Poughkeepsie mayor accused of making “false claims,” but Infowars investigation shows group’s goal is to ban guns  Three members from billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s gun control coalition issued a retort defending their anti-Second Amendment efforts and countering Poughkeepsie Mayor John Tkazyik’s remarks that the group’s ultimate goal is firearm confiscation from law-abiding gun owners. “We were […] Read More →

Californians Sign Petition Allowing U.S. Troops to Commandeer Their Homes

Prison Planet – by Steve Watson & Paul Watson  Illustrating once again how many Americans’ knowledge of the Bill of Rights is virtually non-existent, Californians signed a petition to repeal the Third Amendment and allow U.S. troops to commandeer their homes. The unbelievable footage was captured recently in California by activist prankster Mark Dice, a regular […] Read More →

White House Front Group Vows to Target Alternative Media

Media Matters set to intensify attacks against Drudge, Infowars in concert with Obama advisors White House front group Media Matters has vowed to target “alternative online outlets” as part of its new “strategic plan” to exert media influence in coordination with the Obama administration. Image: Media Matters CEO David Brock (YouTube). Claiming that its war […] Read More →

Obama Accelerates Purge of U.S. Military

Obama is traitorously attempting to emasculate the U.S. military by conducting a purge of the top ranks, according to retired Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady. “There is no doubt he (Obama) is intent on emasculating the military and will fire anyone who disagrees with him,” Brady told WorldNetDaily last week. Disagreeing on issues such as […] Read More →

ABC News Implies Alex Jones Responsible for LAX Shooting

Hit piece suggests criticism of big government linked with violent extremism ABC News implied that Alex Jones was responsible for motivating the LAX shooter last night during a report introduced by Dianne Sawyer which linked criticism of big government with violence. Seconds after wondering “what clues could have prompted his spree,” the report lamented how […] Read More →

Report: Michael Hastings Body Cremated Against Familys Wishes

Journalist feared big story could make him a target Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings’ body was cremated against his family’s wishes, destroying potential evidence that could have contradicted the explanation that he died as a result of an accident, according to San Diego 6 reporter Kimberly Dvorak.   Hastings was killed in the early hours […] Read More →

Alex Jones Storms BBC, Confronts Bilderberg Member

Paul Joseph Radio host takes over live broadcast Alex Jones confronted Bilderberg member and UK Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls shortly before a live BBC broadcast on which Jones was a guest, before Balls was ambushed again in the corridor about breaking the ministerial code by taking part in a secret lobbying meeting. As we reported […] Read More →