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Donald Trump: ‘This Whole Election Is Being Rigged’

Alex Swoyer, Donald Trump spent the majority of his campaign rally in Greensboro, North Carolina combatting what he calls “phony accusers” — referencing several women who have accused him of groping and sexually assaulting them. “It’s a phony deal,” Trump said, referencing the multiple news stories that have surfaced with women accusing him of the misconduct.

10,000 Supporters at Pennsylvania Trump Rally Chant ‘CNN Sucks’

Alex Swoyer, Breitbart Nearly 10,000 voters chanted “CNN sucks” during a campaign rally for Donald Trump in Pennsylvania Monday night. “I’m telling you, they are so dishonest. Without the media, Hillary Clinton couldn’t be elected dog catcher,” Trump stated. “CNN is a disgrace.” The Republican nominee then alleged that CNN turned off its camera as he was

Trump Team: ‘Weak’ September Jobs Report Reveals ‘Obama-Clinton Economy’ Failing

Alex Swoyer, Donald Trump’s campaign is responding to September’s job report, suggesting that people see the Obama-Clinton economy is failing them. “Today’s weak September jobs report confirmed what people feel — that the Clinton-Obama economy is failing them. Americans desperately need more jobs and new economic policies, not the same-old, same-old offered by the Clinton

Parental Basement Dwellers: Hillary Clinton Criticizes Bernie Sanders Voters

Alex Swoyer, An Audio recording has surfaced, revealing Hillary Clinton speaking critically about young voters supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), saying they’ve bought into a “false promise.” “It’s a false promise,” Clinton says in the recording, referencing Sanders’ political revolution. “But I don’t think you tell idealistic people — particularly young people — that they’ve bought into a

Donald Trump Demands President Obama Not Pardon Hillary Clinton

Alex Swoyer, Breitbart During his campaign rally in Michigan on Friday, Donald Trump demanded that President Obama not pardon Hillary Clinton. “So here’s my question for Hillary Clinton: can you promise that not one of the five people who were granted criminal immunity will ever be allowed to serve in a Clinton Administration?” Trump stated while

Movement Conservatives Praise Mike Pence as VP, ˜Home Run Choice’

Alex Swoyer, Breibart Republican leaders are praising presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s reported pick of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his vice president (VP). The NRA’s board member Ken Blackwell, who is also a senior fellow at the Family Research Council, called Pence a “home run choice” after reports emerged that Trump tapped Pence as his

American Latinos for Trump Blast Politico: ˜I’m an American First’

Alex Swoyer, Breitbart American Latinos for Donald Trump expressed outrage on Monday against the mainstream media for coverage given to Hispanics who support Trump – specifically pointing to a Politico article published on Sunday titled, “The lonely lives of Latinos for Trump.” Mark F., who wishes to leave his last name anonymous, was interviewed by Politico and

Trump Campaign Resets: Increases Policy Attacks Exposing Hillary Clinton

Alex Swoyer, Breitbart Less than 24 hours after presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was fired, the campaign has kicked it into high gear, sending out at least 13 press releases throughout the day on Tuesday detailing economic policy, attacking Hillary Clinton, and naming staff expansions. Prior to the new management, 13 press

Donald Trump Declares Victory: ˜I’m Going to Be America’s Champion’

Alex Swoyer, Breitbart Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump walked out to Queen’s “We are the Champions” at the Trump National Golf Club in Briarcliff Manor, New York on Tuesday to deliver his victory speech on the final night of the Republican primaries. “Together we accomplished what nobody thought was absolutely possible,” Trump stated, reading from a teleprompter.

Trump University Judge Linked to Group that Calls for Boycott of Trump’s Businesses

Alex Swoyer, Breitbart Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is overseeing a fraud case against Trump University, is reportedly a member of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association, which is affiliated with the Hispanic National Bar Association. The Hispanic National Bar Association sent out a press release last summer after Donald Trump, who is now the presumptive Republican nominee, announced

Lewandowski on Obama’s Apologies to Foreign Countries: ˜Be Proud to Be American’

Alex Swoyer, Breitbart Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski joined guest host Matthew Boyle on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125 and expressed disbelief over the behavior of protesters outside Trump’s campaign rallies toward police officers. “At the end of the day, I think part of the job of the President of

Republican Voters Align with Trump on Trade, Immigration

Alex Swoyer, Breitbart  Supporters of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump are backed by most Republican-leaning voters on four of five key issues, according to an analysis of a recent Pew report. Eighty-four percent of Trump supporters say they support building a wall along the southern border with Mexico, as do 67 percent of all GOP and