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MSNBC Defends State Senator Who Told Gun Rights Activist œGo F**k Yourself

Ailing network attacks Infowars correspondent for asking real questions  MSNBC host Chris Hayes rushed to defend Rhode Island State Senator Josh Miller (D) after he told a gun rights activist “go fuck yourself,” laying the blame instead on Infowars correspondent Dan Bidondi for daring to ask real questions of public officials. Labeling Miller’s outburst “absolutely

Sex after drinking and the war on men

Kathleen Parker  We’ve heard much about the Republican war on women. Exhaustingly. Lately, we’ve also heard about the war on men. The war on men-on-women-on-men . . . or something, as MSNBC’s Alex Wagner described it recently, gained fresh traction with a controversial column by the Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto about campus rape. James, honey, meet