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Media remain hostile to Donald Trump even as some pundits admit they blew it

Howard Kurtz, I’ve been saying for a year and a half that the mainstream media have been underestimating Donald Trump, that too many journalists failed to grasp the deep disaffection and anxieties of millions of Americans drawn to his candidacy. I said this, and wrote this, when Trump was up and when he was down.

U.S. drone kills 5 militants in northern Pakistan

ISLAMABAD (AP) — A missile launched from a U.S. drone struck a suspected militant hideout in a tribal region in northern Pakistan where allies of a powerful warlord were gathered Saturday, killing five of his supporters, Pakistani officials said. The strike in North Waziristan against allies of Hafiz Gul Bahadur, a militant commander whose forces

No taxation by misrepresentation

As I wrote last week, the Obama administration’s attempt to rewrite history in the wake of the recent Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare ranks among the most brazen dishonesty in recent American political history. The rhetorical manipulation by the president and his allies regarding his law’s most controversial provision, the individual mandate, is a scandalous

Channel U.S. Aid to Civil Society in Pakistan

Sadanand Dhume of the American Enterprise Institute makes an important point in the Wall Street Journal: that, while Pakistan is increasingly in the grip of anti-Western military men and Islamists, there are large sectors of society that are more open to a liberal, pro-Western agenda. These range from the English-speaking elites to ethnic and religious