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Dear daughter, here’s what it really means to be empowered

Suzanne Venker, Editor’s note: The following column originally appeared on Dear Daughter, There’s something I need to tell you about the term “empowerment.” On its own, it’s a great word. Unfortunately, it has been butchered by the culture. You know how Dad just lost 30 pounds? That’s empowerment. When I force myself to exercise when I don’t feel like

Remembering Phyllis Schlafly — my revered (and misunderstood) aunt

Suzanne Venker, Being Phyllis Schlafly’s niece was a bit like watching Fox News instead of CBS: I was always presented with the “other” side of a controversial subject, the one that’s rarely heard but is hugely instructive. Because of her example, I’ve always known there’s more to a sound bite than meets the eye. For