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In New Message Encouraging Town Hall Antagonizers, Hillary Says Democrats Are ‘At Their Best’

Cortney O’Brien, Protesters have been heckling Republican congressmen at town hall events in cities all over the country. There’s nothing wrong with a hearty debate, but some of these disruptions have been downright nasty, such as the appalling actions at a Louisiana town hall this week, when agitators rudely interrupted a pastor’s opening prayer. Without

Abortion Poll: Trump-Pence Mainstream, Clinton-Kaine Extreme

Ken Blackwell,  Although Hillary Clinton and the beleaguered Democratic National Committee (DNC) are attempting to paint Donald Trump and Mike Pence as out of step with the country on abortion, new polling shows that a majority of Americans actually agree with Trump-Pence on this hot-button issue, while Clinton is pushing an abortion agenda opposed by

Huma Abedin testifies private email may have interfered with Clinton’s job

Top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin testified Tuesday that the private email server Clinton chose to use for both personal and government communications may have hindered the former secretary of state’s ability to do her job. Citing an instance in which Clinton missed a call from a foreign minister because aides did not receive her

Hillary’s Habits of Haughtiness

Jacob Sullum,   The last time she lived in the White House, Hillary Clinton was in charge of a health care task force that met in secret under a veil of lies. That episode highlighted the haughtiness, deceit and disdain for transparency that continue to cause trouble for the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, as illustrated

Obama Administration Files Motion In An Effort To Protect Clinton

Fred Maxwell, “…the deposition of Mrs. Clinton may be necessary.” The Obama administration is stepping in to prevent Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from being deposed in a legal case dealing with her use of a private email server for classified information. The Hill reported Friday that the Justice Department