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Donald Trump hosts Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ during Democratic Convention

Republican nominee Donald Trump spent the third night of the Democratic National Convention Wednesday taking questions on the website Reddit, revealing which presidents he most admires and appealing to Bernie Sanders voters to back him in November. Reddit, a website that bills itself as the “front page of the internet” has hosted several all-encompassing question-and-answer

Doctors Kill 23 Times More People Than Guns Kill

Ammoland Behold this leading-bleeding scream piece from BMJ, formerly the British Medical Journal and formerly a respected source of scientific information for your doctor. The journal has a history of free-wheeling condemnation of American gun owners, going so far as to advocate attacking their very culture.  Throwing fuel on their own fire, BMJ editors evidently

Congress, FBI moving on VA health care

 As Congress moves to help thousands of military veterans enduring long wait times for VA medical care, the FBI said it has opened a criminal investigation into the Department of Veterans Affairs. FBI Director James Comey said Wednesday that the investigation was being led by the FBI’s field office in Phoenix, where an inspector general

Top Medicare Doctor Paid $21 Million in 2012, Data Shows

A doctor who treats a degenerative eye disease in seniors was paid $21 million by Medicare in 2012, twice the amount received by the next ophthalmologist on a list of 880,000 medical providers released by the government. The data on the payments was given to the public for the first time today by the Centers

A Teachable Moment: Lessons From The Obamacare Debacle

 The President’s popularity is crashing, congressional Democrats are on the run, and America is about to make a shift to the “right” in the upcoming elections –right? I’ll believe it when I see it. The electoral outcomes of this year are still unknown, but this we do know: for the past six years Americans have

House Obamacare vote sets stage for new campaign attacks

 The Republican-run U.S. House of Representatives on Friday approved a bipartisan deal to spare doctors from a looming Medicare pay cut but included a provision to undermine Obamacare, which critics said was a non-starter in the Democratic-controlled Senate. The vote was 238-181, with most House Democrats refusing to swallow what they called an Obamacare “poison